Wisconsin Author Visits Spirit Pub

Matthew Janzen visited the Platteville Public Library and Spirits Pub on November 28 to talk about his experience creating his new book, State of Craft Beer. Janzen shared stories of leaving his career to venture out to share the process of craft beer production in the state of Wisconsin through text and photography. Janzen says, “The book explains a centuries-old process that people hear about — but never get to see in action — when they go on a brewery tour; so it's a good way for even non-beer drinkers to see more of Wisconsin and learn about companies that are in their backyard. Janzen adds that, “There is a huge economic impact from the relatively small amount of beer craft breweries produce. I think it's important to show people that these companies exist in their communities and that a dollar spent on local beer stays in the local economy.” To honor Wisconsin production, Janzen was careful to select companies based in Wisconsin. His book is truly Wisconsin-made.

After his talk, Michael Osterholz and Stephanie Becker, owners of Second and Main Coffeehouse and Pub of Platteville hosted a meet and greet session after Janzen’s book talk. Participants were able to sample a wide-range of Wisconsin craft brews and speak with Janzen himself. The venue was a perfect compliment as the Spirits Pub side of the complex will specialize in craft brews. Osterholz says, “We like good craft beer and think there are people in Platteville that do also. Right now craft beer is not overly featured in this market.”

Janzen is continuing to travel Wisconsin promoting his book. Osterholz and Becker continue to support the craft beer industry by featuring a wide selection of craft brews at 2nd & Main Coffeehouse & Pub.


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