Untappd — Facebook for Beer Lovers!

“Facebook for beer lovers,” is how local resident, Ron Lind, describes “Untappd” the popular mobile app for learning about craft beer. Untappd allows users to view beer menus, connect with other people, and leave product reviews. Mike Osterholz, co-owner of Spirits Pub, selected Untappd because, “Through our travels, we learned that people who really know craft beer, use Untappd to learn, review, and network.” Spirits Pub and Grill has uploaded their entire beer menu and maintains the inventory online on a daily basis. “Untappd helps customers understand what beers are available in a way that’s convenient. Our entire menu is displayed on a television in our bar, but also is displayed right on your phone,” Osterholz adds.

Lind says,  “I joined, initially, as a way for my nephew and I to share with each other the new craft beers we’ve sampled. We enjoy reading about the beer journey each of us is on, and Untappd allows me to read his reviews, as well as the check-in location/purchase location.”

Users of Untappd can follow venues, like Spirits Pub, to obtain a full beer menu. When Spirits updates the beer menu, users are notified. In addition, users can read reviews and connect to other people, similar to Facebook. Spirits Pub is the only verified venue in Platteville to offer this service.

If you are interested in seeing the full beer menu for Spirits Pub, please download Untappd for either Android or iOS.

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