History of the Building

History of the Building

2nd & Main Coffeehouse and Pub resides in the Kettler Building, one of Platteville’s oldest buildings on Main street. Listed in both the State and National Historic Register, the Kettler Building boasts a beautiful front that still retains the original appeal. German-born August CF Kettler constructed the structure in 1874 where he ran the Kettler Dry Goods store and Kondrad Kettler Meat Market. The earliest picture (seen below) depicts the front when it was a Cigar factory owned by EH Steffens. You could buy cigars, ice cream, and beer on tap (before prohibition, of course!). 

In the late 60s, Delbert Guler owned and operated “Davies Royal Blue” groceries in the building -- back when Main Street was a one-way street! 

After Guler's, came the Sports Center owned by the Floerke's, and sometime during the late 80's, the building housed "The Oasis," a Christian Coffeehouse and gathering place for teens. Even today many people from Platteville recall visiting the building to sing and visit.

No doubt this building marks a special place for many people in Platteville. The Kettler Building is a historical icon representing our rich history, determination, and appreciation for our community.

Main and Second. Rec 966


Steffen Cigar Store. Rec 5366




Early 1960s

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The Building Today

No picture seems to truly capture the historic appeal of this building. Our recommendation is to stop by and see it for yourself.

Many thanks to the University of Wisconsin - Platteville's Southwest Wisconsin Room for your help in digging up the history. Additionally, a thank you goes to Marie Fatzinger for picture of Guler's. If you have any photos of the building, we are always looking to gather more. Please drop us a message on Facebook.